Let the Pros Build Your New Fort Worth Custom Home

Welcome to FortWorthCustom.com, we are your company for building your brand new custom home in Fort Worth. Read our about page for more about us. For now, let’s get into what we can do for you: consulting, budgeting, price and cost estimates, construction, and contracting. The vital pieces necessary to put you in the place of your dreams. 

What Areas Do We Build In?

We service all the best neighborhoods and communities in Fort Worth, TX like Southlake, Rivercrest, The Dominion-Highland Oaks, Westover Hills, Benbrook, White Settlement and Keller. We specialize in building high quality homes in the East DFW area of North Texas.

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We have partner companies in Dallas if you’d like our referral to a reputable home builder across I-20. The best thing you can do as a prospective client is to figure out your budget and what lots fit within that budget. As you may know, real estate in Fort Worth comes at a premium but it’s worth it if you want the luxury settings and surroundings.

What Can We Do For You?

We can build homes, negotiate with contractors, offer independent third party consulting while you deal with other custom home builders and vendors. Essentially, we’re experts in building dream homes and can help you with everything from buying a lot to picking out flooring.

We conduct this process with full transparency and keep you involved every step of the way so you feel comfortable and confident in us. We know trusting a company to handle the customization of where you’ll live and the huge financial aspect of the building process is difficult but through our upfront and straightforward way of operating, we hope you’ll feel more comfortable choosing us.

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What Exactly Does Green Mean?

When you’re designing a “green” house it basically just means eco-friendly or good for the environment. The scale of how much you go green is completely up to you. For example, some people choose to just install solar panels on their roof. That’s a huge move that saves electricity and money – not only is the world a better place but it’s an investment that pays off down the road.

You could stop there or you could add even more energy savers like tinted windows, thermal insulation, low flow toilets and shower heads, bamboo flooring, and more. It’s all up to you – this is a customized effort after all even if you’re purchasing a semi-custom home. At FortWorthCustom.com, we always recommend maxing out on the upfront costs of environmentally beneficial add-ons and customization because it will 100% pay off down the road. The general rule is give it 5 years and then it’ll be like getting a big tax free check in your mailbox every month.

When is The Best Time to Buy?

Homes are typically built in the early spring to late summer because of weather. It’s harder to build in the cold and thus more mistakes are made and more labor and materials are needed so you want your custom builders working in optimal conditions.

We recommend gauging prices based on past historical sales data. The truth is there is no universal right time to purchase your luxury home but you can get a feel for about how much people have paid in the past during the time you’re thinking about starting the project.

We know your eager to get started but before you do, read our overview on a few of the best Fort Worth custom home builders. Of course there are many more fine companies you can hire but this article is a great primer to get you in the right mindset and open your eyes to the number of options you have. In many cases it’s good to have multiple choices, this is one of those times.

Why is experience so important?

The last thing you want to do is hire inexperienced people to head up your design and project. They won’t be familiar with the local ordinances and codes. They won’t know if they have reliable contractors and subcontractors. They also might not be able to provide an accurate estimate quote for the labor and materials.

You might think that could work to your advantage but the trouble is if they undercharge you and you don’t agree to pay more later, then they’ll probably cut from the costs somewhere else to make sure they’re not out any money. It’s even more of a downward cycle when you consider that even if you do pay more money, you’ll set a bad precedent and they’ll be more inclined to come back to you later.

The bottomline is you want to hire a group who knows this business inside and out, will give you a fair price, and won’t try to rip you off. We recommend you read online reviews but more importantly reach out to the DFW community you want to live in and ask who built their custom home and how they’d rate their experience. No one knows the process better than someone who has already been through it. Like any other peer review source, don’t just read the best and worst reviews. Chances are someone who both praises and criticizes the work will be most fair.

Thank you for considering us as your new builders.


updated March 2017

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