Your 3-Minute Review of Sandlin Homes

It is usually a good idea (I stress usually) to base your opinion on the most accredited and reliable source they can find. Easier said than done.

Type your favorite restaurant into Yelp you’ll probably find more bad reviews than good. That’s the nature of the internet – it’s easier to find negative reviews, complaints, and one-off bad experiences than positive ones. Most of the negative stuff is someone venting about the bad experience. What we try to do here is compile all the reviews and give you the trends we find.


Sandlin Homes Homepage

Sandlin Homes Homepage

We found two accredited sources that shows Sandlin Homes appears to be a fairly respected business. The first being the Better Business Bureau. They have given them an “A+” rating. Can’t beat that. A great score but there are no reviews on this business on that site. They have been in business for over 60 years so if you are looking for a “veteran” company this may be it.


The other website that has the professional feel to it is They have a “Buildzoom” score of 109 which puts them at the top 5% of all general contractors at the time (222,000+). However, we do not know what the rubric is for this type of scoring.

Sandlin Homes Chart

Sandlin Homes Chart

They recommend double checking the status of the license before beginning work. It was verified as active the last time Buildzoom checked.


Here is an article from 1981 from the New York Times (it just talks about the economics of the time, not necessarily a review, but I think it’s important to share such a well known resource like the Times) –

Now take a step away from the previous two sites opinions and you have this:


Not a good look. Filled with complaints. If you look at other review sites such as Yelp, you will find one negative review, and you will find a mix of reviews.

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