How To Choose The Right Colors For Your Home

Every home buyer wants to buy a home that is magnificent, attractive, and beautiful. This can be largely attributed to the paint color you choose. With so many different types and shades of colors there are so many options you get to choose from. Sometimes you may buy a house then realize that its color does not complement your home décor. This will require that you make changes to many different places so that it suits your tastes and preferences. But this can only be achieved when you know tips for choosing the right paint color for your house. We are going to provide you with basic tips for choosing paint color that every home buyer should know so that you can make the best choice. These tips can also be used by custom home builders who have interest in constructing amazing homes. Take a look.

Color Swatches

Color Swatches

Tip 1: Consider Your Décor First

One of the biggest mistakes that people do is to choose paint without considering the color of their furniture and home décor. The end result is a mismatched room. You should choose color that perfectly matches your home décor. This means that you should first consider the décor. It will give you a better idea on the type of color that you need. By so doing, everything will look awesome. You definitely want this.


Tip 2: Be Inspired

You need to be inspired so that you can be able to make a perfect choice. If you are looking for a home to buy, you need something that really inspires you when it comes to choice of colors. Sometimes inspiration may be drawn from objects that surround us. You may also have gotten inspiration from a house you saw somewhere or watched in a movie. This can make you want to have a house that looks almost similar to what you saw. The next step is to choose that color for your house. The good thing about being inspired is that you choose what your heart wants.


Tip 3: Stick With Neutral Color

Colors make your house to look attractive. But this does not mean that you should use any color that you come across. There are some colors that if applied without proper planning, they can make your house look strange. Nobody wants to stay in a house that looks unnatural.

Use bold colors if you want attention to be directed towards walls. For other  sections in the room, use neutral colors. This reduces color competition. The most impressive thing about neutral colors is that most of them can complement furniture and house décor.

Here are additional tips on buying paint.

Tip 4: Buy Testers

Different Color Testers

Different Color Testers

It is always good to know how your favorite color will look and feel when finally painted in your house. Sometimes what you expect can turn out to be the opposite. You do not want to spend a lot of money buying many containers with colors only for you to realize that the end result doesn’t meet your expectations. The good thing is that this can be avoided.


You just need to buy testers then find a few sections in your house to apply the paint. Look at the way everything looks. If you love the color, you can go ahead and buy full paint. The good thing is if you don’t like the results, you can change paint color. Testers are important because they prevent you from spending a lot of money on a paint color that may not suit your painting needs. You can buy them with a few dollars. It is advisable to leave test areas for a few weeks. This will help you know how the color will appear at different times of the day. Don’t be in a hurry to remove the paint from test area.


Test Paint Everywhere

Do not just stick to the walls, you should also test the paint on your furniture. No this does not mean that you should start painting your chair, table or cupboard. There is a very simple way of doing it. You simply need to attach a piece of board on your furniture and paint it. See if the color matches. If yes, you can go ahead and buy that paint color. But if you discover that it does not match at all, don’t waste your money on such a paint. Look for another option that will complement the color of your furniture.

Tip 5: Choose The Right Finish

Here is a quick guideline on different finish options so that you can choose your favorite.


Every paint color has sheen. Sheen comes with its imperfections. If you want paint with less accent flaws, go with less sheen. .

To begin with, flat which is also called matte, doesn’t shine. It is good for areas that do not involve a lot of movement such as your bedroom and ceiling. Secondly, flat enamel is another good choice. It doesn’t shine but is easy to clean. It is ideal for low traffic areas.

If you’re looking for a more detailed description on the types of finishes here you go:


We also have eggshell enamel which shines just a little. It is suitable for areas that experience moderate traffic such as living rooms. It is easy to remove scuffs. Most of the time you just need a damp cloth to wipe them off. Another good choice is satin enamel. It shines more than eggshell enamel. This makes it your best choice if you like shiny sheen. It is suitable for areas that have moisture. It can also be used in high traffic areas. The most impressive thing about this particular sheen is that it is very easy to wipe. This makes it perfect for use in bathrooms and kitchen. You definitely want to give it a try.

Moreover, we have semi-gloss enamel which is good for cabinet. It is shiny and attractive. The last and perhaps the best sheen is called hi-gloss enamel. It is very shiny and has glass like appearance. It is good for applying on surfaces that are frequently used such as chairs.


Have A Color Theme

This does not mean that you should paint your entire home using the same color. But if you choose to  use one color, consider varying the shades from one room to another.

if you have been wondering how to choose the best color for your home, don’t worry anymore. Just use the tips above. They will help you to choose color that matches your décor and meet all your lifestyle needs.


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