Benefits of Building a Green Custom Home in Fort Worth, Tx

If you are planning on building a new place for luxury living in Fort Worth, you might want to consider going with a custom green home. In a nutshell, this means your house is built to have minimal impact on the environment and on the consumption of resources. The beautiful aspect is you can accomplish many things at once by going green and there are many builders in the DFW area who specialize in this area.

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Although building efficiently has a higher upfront cost vs. regular homes, you’ll find that after years of low utility bills and maintenance cost, you will get long-term benefits and savings – we like to say wait 5 years and it’ll be like a check in your mailbox every month in savings. In other words they will provide return of investment in few years’ time and after that all the savings go to your pocket.

After you read our post, you may want to jump into this very educational YouTube video on everything you need to know about building an eco-friendly home. The cost and benefits are all talked about in a very non-commercial manner: it’s more about informing you than anything else and we highly recommend it:

The energy efficient home benefits you and also the environment around you. If you are conscious about the environment and want to contribute to a greener, better world you might want to start by buying or contracting builders and/or architects to build a green custom home. There are tons companies that build green homes for buyers on different budgets. Whether your style of house is in the $250,000s or $500,000s price range or more, there so many pros that outweigh the cons of added cost.

One last thing before we get started, be sure to make sure the lot size of your property or land matches what your plans are because certain ideas require more land – You can check the Tarrant County property search to get an appraisal or estimate on the cost. Anyways, below are some of the best benefits.

Energy Efficient/ Cost saving

A recent study by United States Green Building Council (USGBC) found that an average American household can rake up energy bill over $2000 annually. Everyone loves saving money, and green homes are often built to save. Most green homes are equipped with solar panels that gather electricity to complement the power from the grid or become completely self-dependent.

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We recommend starting with solar panel installation because that provides a great base point you can build off of. Fort Worth and North Texas in general get plenty of sunlight to make capturing solar power a wise investment with strong ROI over time. Keep in mind, you don’t have to go 100% eco – this isn’t a binary choice. You can have as much or as little green features as you want. For example, you might just go for solar panels and low flow toilets and premium thermal installation and that would be fantastic.

The buildings are designed to gather more sunlight during the day which reduces the use of indoor lighting. Then the power is used efficiently with sound engineering practices and building strategies that reduce the consumption of energy from lighting, heating and water consumption.

Only the most energy efficient appliances are used to reduce the energy usage like high efficient air-conditioner and furnaces. The walls are well insulated to keep the heat or cold outside. And thermostats are used to maintain the temperature inside. This makes the green home very efficient and these in-turn results in paying lower utility bills every month.

Read more about how to choose the perfect custom home builders in Fort Worth for your specific needs. You’ll also find out how to sort the good and the bad companies, or at least those you don’t want to hire.

Healthy Indoors

Green homes are built to have minimal indoor air pollution which is key given the growing population of the DFW area and especially Dallas – more people equals more outputs so you want to minimize this impact on your living space. There are various ways that the dusts and air pollutants get into your living and bedrooms. These air passages are sealed and fresh air ventilation is used then they are verified with the quality test of the air inside. Green home builders also use materials like non-toxic paint, adhesive and materials which aren’t toxic to people and pets.

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Green homes typically use considerable amount of recycled and sustainable materials which reduce the hazard of mold exposure and toxins. These all add up to a safe and healthy environment with less airborne diseases.

Reuse and Recycle

Moreover eco-friendly homes are often built with reuse and recycle in mind. Different tools and materials can be modified to conduct heat from outside and use it to heat water or the rooms when needed. Moreover, the roofs of these homes can be used to collect and direct rain water which can then be purified or used for cleaning and flushing purposes.

Resale Value

As green homes are built with advanced technology and engineering with sustainable materials that can last ages, they do not lose their resale value as time passes by. They are built with built in savings which is a huge benefit to buyers and the newest technology included makes a possible purchase that much more tempting. As the benefits of an environmentally friendly home not only reduce the cost of living but also improve it, people are willing to pay a premium price if you ever decide to sell on the market. There are many aspects of the resale value – find some of them here.

With these green homes you are not only living in a safe environment for yourself and your family, you are contributing to the reduction of global warming and helping preserve a safe world for the future generations to come. For all of these benefits and more, it’s worth considering going as green as possible with your new luxury home. And great news – it just so happens that North Texas is a hot bed for progressive thinking and construction when and if you decide to save money and upgrade your lifestyle. More information about that here.

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