Top Tech Add-ons You Can’t Live Without!

Appliances – not on the top of your list when you think about your custom home, right? Honestly once you see what’s out there (and read the rest of this) you’re going to get excited that you get to choose these for your own in home

You now live in an age where you can remotely control your smart appliances like your refrigerator, thermostat, and even your blinds. This review looks at the features of these top tech products, their pros and cons, and how they can change how you live in your home.

The Smart Thermostat

One way to reduce your energy bill is by installing a smart thermostat in your home. Why? Many of these come designed where you can control it from your phone. You don’t even have to be connected through your home’s wifi – you can be at work or even better driving home while cooling\heating your home. That way when you walk in it will be at the temperature you prefer and you didn’t waste energy all day for it to be that way.

The smart thermostat has an app that you can control remotely using your tablet, smartphone or internet-enabled computer.

Heating Schedule

You can set a schedule to accommodate your heating and cooling needs. The device will use its motion sensors to sense when you are home and when you are away, and will move the temperature appropriately. Of course, if you don’t like this feature, you can shut it off. The main benefit of the Smart Thermostat is that it has the intelligence to know how you prefer your heating. It will save you a ton of cash by not having to keep the AC or heat on when you are not home. They can sense when you are away and switch to an away mode to save your energy bills. Some models use GPS and geo-fencing to know when you are about to arrive and switch themselves on.

The Smart Thermostat is one device that is a must have for your home. Who doesn’t like an easy way to save money? Remember to ask your custom home builder to include it in your plans. Check out our favorite one here.

Smart Home Diagram

Smart Refrigerator

A smart fridge is something you probably don’t think you need until you have it. After all, fridges are just supposed to keep things cold right? Well check out some of the new features these modern refrigerators have. They now come with cameras on the inside, shopping lists built into them, wifi and programmable applications, and of course: LED touchscreens.

Touch Screen

One feature of a Smart Refrigerator is its touch screen that acts as a command center for the kitchen. You can write notes on your fridge with the touch of a finger, set reminders, and have the coolest fridge on the block.

They have apps designed which are fairly limited right now, but as years progress the app market will become more and more saturated with useful things. Being on the forefront of technology in the kitchen does come with its downfalls at times.

Here is an example of one of the refrigerators that will be in every household in the near future.


I wonder how much energy is wasted from people (teenagers) being bored-hungry and staring into the fridge with the door open. Now you can view what is in your refrigerator with the doors being kept closed and energy being saved.


  • The many apps assist you in carrying out many routines. They include apps for browsing the net, an app for recipes, apps for scribbling notes and an app that imports calendars from Google.
  • The touch screen is ideal as it acts as your kitchen command center.
  • The cameras are good if you are looking to track how you use your groceries. For instance, they can help you to check the expiration dates.


  • The downside of the smart refrigerator is that you can’t delete or add its apps, although you can drag those that you don’t use to the second screen.


The smart refrigerator is one home appliance that your home builder should install in your home. Check your budget estimates for the best outcome.

Remote Controlled Blinds



Remote controlled blinds may seem like something completely unnecessary, but so was the cellphone, the smartphone, the laptop, heated car seats…you get the idea. It’s kind of hard to live without something awesome once you’ve gotten used to it.

There aren’t too many features with these blinds other than some companies allow you to control them with your phone, others have a specific remote you have to use for them.

Remote Controlled Blinds have no cords, which ensure they are a safer option with smaller children.


  • They are available in many varieties. You can choose aluminum, fabric, faux wood and wood, composite, vertical and horizontal blinds.
  • You can easily control the amount of skylight in your house. That’s compared to traditional ones that you have to keep rising to open and close.


  • The Remote Controlled Blinds motor may fail, which means you have to wait for experts to repair it.

Consider installing remote controlled blinds in your home. Remember that they have many benefits as the review above shows. If you want to see what else you can add to your home look here.

The addition of technology in the home is two-fold. You can save tons of money from these new appliances being energy efficient. You also get the fun side of things like being able to control your home from your phone. So whether you’re looking to have the coolest home on the block, or the most efficient, adding technology where you didn’t think of before is something you definitely need to do.



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