Your 3-Minute Dunhill Home Review

It is usually a good idea (I stress usually) to base their opinion on the most accredited and reliable source they can find. Easier said than done.

Type your favorite restaurant into Yelp you’ll probably find more bad reviews than good. That’s the nature of the internet – it’s easier to find negative reviews, complaints, and one-off bad experiences than positive ones. Most of the negative stuff is someone venting about the bad experience. What we try to do here is compile all the reviews and give you the trends we find.


Dunhill Homes Picture

Dunhill Homes Picture

There definitely aren’t a lot of reviews out there about Dunhill Homes, but I did manage to find one site that had a number of reviews to choose from. Other than this site there is one negative review on Yelp.

It appears there are some mixed reviews concerning Dunhill Homes. The first visible reviews are usually angry, upset with something promised that wasn’t delivered. That was the common theme – problems were admitted, agreed to be fixed, but the steps taken after that weren’t there. Lacking follow up perhaps. Building new or custom homes isn’t easy and there are a lot of problems that home-buyers have with these homes. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be one problem with these homes. It seems most of the negative buyers are upset that they believed someone who worked there.


On the other hand there are equally as many comments from buyers and real estate agents (who knows if they just want to defend the houses they’re selling, but for what it’s worth they are there) saying good things about the company. Living in the house for over a year and still haven’t had problems. These are much shorter comments, as expected, as negative reviews tend to be lengthy describing the process in detail. These people seem to reflect what the websites show about Dunhill Homes.


Lastly, on their ranking is the highest I’ve seen so far at a 116 which puts them in the top 2% of contractors. As always we don’t know what the rubric is for this grading system but it sounds impressive.


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