Your 3-minute Endeavor Homes Review

It is usually a good idea (I stress usually) to base your opinion on the most accredited and reliable source they can find. Easier said than done.

Type your favorite restaurant into Yelp you’ll probably find more bad reviews than good. That’s the nature of the internet it’s easier to find negative reviews, complaints, and one-off bad experiences than positive ones. Most of the negative stuff is someone venting about the bad experience. What we try to do here is compile all the reviews and give you the trends we find.

This business is not BBB accredited. They have one negative review and 8 complaints. What makes me wonder isn’t the 8 complaints, but the fact that it is not accredited here. Let’s move on to the next source but keep this in the back of our mind.


Buildzoom has given them a rating of 106 which puts them in the top 7% of Texas licensed contractors (updated June of 2017). According to this site they do 97% of their work with contracts consisting of $100k-$250k, and they had 97 projects in 2016, making it their biggest year and doubling 2015.

The one review didn’t scare me, the person said to make sure you get everything in writing (an absolute must, you never take the builders word for it no matter how nice they are), and they didn’t follow up to fix something which seems to be consistent with these builders. The finish date was pushed back 3 months, there were some building inconsistencies, and they said to bring in your own home inspector.  The person was very unhappy, understandably, but considering the other reviews you’ll come across it was mild:


The Facebook page has 4.5 stars out of 5 but they haven’t had one since 2014.

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